Susan St. John Brown
Mrs. Susan St. John Brown
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  Conformation, Junior Showmanship
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Susan St. John Brown

JUDGE BIO- Susan started her "official" AKC judging career in 1989, although her actual judging career began with her first show litter of Irish Setters. The eventual mother was artifically inseminated on the 19th day of her breeding cycle . Susan was 19 years old and the resultant litter had 19 puppies in it. Yes, you heard right, 19 puppies. Everyday brought a new day of judging and rejudging. Susan had to be right in her decisions in order to be assured of keeping the best puppy. This was no small task and no small learning experience. Since the puppies were all red, Susan had to learn to judge on structure, heads, movement and personality alone. From the early age of 19 years old Susan's dream was to be a dog show judge. Little did she know what a journey that would become.

That journey has taken Susan to country fairgrounds in  small towns as well as the biggest cities and shows in America. She has had the great thrill of judging her original breeds, Irish setter national specialty  as well as the breed that she is most well known for, the Ibizan Hound national specialty. Susan was honored to have given Ch. Luxor's Playmate of the year, Bunny that national specialty win at the beginning of Bunny's incredible career before she went on to win two groups at the Garden as well as over 30 Best in Shows on her way to becoming the top winning Ibizan Hound in history. Susan has had the amazing opportunity to judge in Madison Square Garden at the most prestigious show of all, Westminster, twice. The honor of those experiences alone has made the whole adventure all worth while.

Susan  Judging - 1979

Officiating over innumerable Best in Shows has afforded Susan the great honor of having the opportunity of putting her hands on many of the greatest show dogs in America over the last twenty years. Being up close and personal with the country’s greatest dogs has made her up her own game as a breeder also. Good is no longer good enough. Great has become the standard she works from. Susan says that every dog in the Best in Show ring has the same thing in common. She calls that common trait "The light bulb factor". She says that, "The great dogs light up the ring when they walk into the show ring and that is hereditary. Half of what makes a great dog great comes from who that dog is on the inside, because greatness comes from within."

Susan now judges four groups, all sporting, all hound, all toy, and non-sporting. She looks forward to finding many more great dogs in the future. Susan has always thought of the judging process as being like panning for gold. She says that "You spending your days sorting through a lot of sand and gravel before you catch a glimpse of the gold. Finding the great dog  though makes it all worth it. Finding the gold is always a thrill."

BREEDER BIO - Irish Setters were a love of Susan's from early in life. At age 14 she read a classified ad in Dog World magazine telling of an Irish Setter kennel just two miles from her home in Florida.

SusanSusan offered to come and do kennel work for free in order to be close to the Setters. Christmas time brought the gift of her own Irish Setter puppy from those kennel owners. The next 10 years of Susan's life were dedicated to the Irish Setter breed alone. Serandida Kennels was born during this period.

The Ohio Irish Setter handler, Jim Brown, became a part of Susan's life during the mid 70's. Handling became a natural progression for Susan in the ensuing years. One of those client dogs was the incomparable Ibizan Hound Ch. Ishtar Sonnet of Loki, C.D, Fld. Ch.. Sonnet arrived from California at the end of 1979. At 8&1/2 years of age she won 6 Group placements out of 16 shows including a Group One! The breed was new and very hard to win with in those days, this was a major accomplishment at the time.

Sonnet changed the course of not only Serandida, but Jim & Susan's lives. Sonnet was such a special soul. The decision was made to launch into new waters at this time by acquiring the incredible Fortune. She was solely responsible for creating that distinct "Serandida" look. Kreskin, with his statuesque presence and dignity came along shortly after. At the time Kreskin was the top producing sire in the history of the breed. The "Fortune" x "Kreskin" all champion litter of 8 changed the direction of the breed, forever

Serandida Ibizan Hounds have had a big ongoing impact on the breed for over three decades now. Recently Ch. Serandida Spirit of Serqet "SERGIO" has been a multiple group winner and the #1 dog for 2005 and 2006. Show RingHe won the 2010 breed  at Westminster as a veteran dog. Two of Sergio's multiple group winning sons proved themselves that same year also. His son Ch. Serandida Spirit of Luxor "HANDSOME" was the  2010 National Specialty breed winner as well as the 2010 #1 dog, while his brother Ch. Serandida's Shadow on the Moon, "ECLIPSE" won breed and group one at the National supported entry and finished #3 for 2010. Sergio's daughter, Serandida East So Serandida, "NEFERTARI" was Winners Bitch, Best puppy and Best in Sweeps at the same 2010 National specialty from the 6-9 Puppy class.

Jim and Susan have had the same goal for over thirty years now. To breed true to the standard by quite simply breeding a better Ibizan Hound.


* Susan St. John Brown is an AKCCApproved Judge.
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