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Q. “I thought AKCCopyright Judges were not allowed to solicit/advertise. Have policies changed?”

A. In November 2010 AKCCopyright modified their policy and now allow their Judges to solicit/advertise for assignments. This includes print and online websites and publications. The AKCCopyright judging community is awaiting a further written clarification regarding every detail, allowance, and restriction. From my perspective, it only makes sense to provide an online environment where Kennel Club representatives can learn more about my judging background, in order to make a better decision as to whether or not to invite me to judge their show, and then submit an online judging request form.
Q. “What are the main advertising limitations for AKCCopyrightJudges?”

A. As AKCCopyright Judges we, must maintain the highest standards of integrity. I believe that this means that we need to keep our judging careers separate from other careers. In my case, I have had great success as a breeder for decades, and I decided it was best to maintain a completely separate website (www.Serandida.com) from my SusanStJohnBrown.DogShowJudge.com website. Sure there are references to each on both sites, but that is because my breeding career enhances my AKCCopyright judging career, and vice versa. The separation of websites allows you to see me wearing both hats appropriately. Let me repeat, “As AKCCopyright Judges, we must maintain the highest standards of integrity!”

Q. “What are your judging fees?”
A. I support the policy of NOT advertising my judging fees online. As an AKCCopyrightJudge, I am an independent contractor and my judging fees are not governed by AKCCopyright. Instead, they are established between myself and the Kennel Club hiring me for the show. Fees include time invested for judging and expenses.
Q. “How can you possibly be qualified to judge the long list of Breeds/Groups that you list on your site?”
A. That is a good question, one of which I could not have fully understood the answer when I first entered the judging arena back in 1989. Since those early days, I have made judging my passion. Line upon line precept upon precept, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to judge the long list presented on the Breeds/Groups page on this site. After 21 years of full time judging, my list of approved breeds has become quite lengthy. I encourage all of those interested in becoming judges to plan on a long steady investment of the time needed to hone your judging skill sets.
Q. Can you elaborate?

A. Sure, AKCCopyrighthas clear precepts on qualifications in order to advance in the judging ranks. in order to advance you have to go to Institutes, National Specialties, etc., to learn each and every breed as thoroughly as possible. This may include kennel visits and learning in every way possible about each and every breed that you apply to judge.

NOTE: AKCCopyrightJudges have more education and training than any other dog show judges in the world.

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